Will shipped machines arrive functional and not DOA?

Yes. All machines shipped from Steamworks Espresso are bench tested and serviced regardless of whether they are used or refurbished.


Are all the machines on your site refurbished?

No, if the machine is listed as used, it is a used machine that has undergone bench testing and any repair needed at the time of testing, to ensure functionality, and will be a working machine.  If it is refurbished it will be posted as such in the description, and indicates a complete frame-up restoration, including disassembly, cleaning all lines and fully descaling the boiler, powder-coating the frame, steam wand rebuild, and complete replacement/update of all electronic parts and switches.


Can you ship to a residence or business?

Yes. Steamworks Espresso utilizes Old Dominion freight and passes on the wholesale shipping quote to the customer. Some machines have free shipping available and will be stated in the description.


Can we send in our machine to be refurbished?

Absolutely! Contact us anytime for a quote.  Please allow up to 30 days for a espresso machine to be rebuilt as all machines are built from the frame up and the process is extensive. Loaner machines are available upon request.


What comes with a espresso machine?

All espresso machines whether refurbished or used come complete with pumps/motors and all stainless panels, as well as complete set of portafilters.